The history of Psorieze®, the founder, dave smith states :=>

The history of Psorieze® is the result of personal experience. It goes back to when I was suffering from psoriasis on my hands and thus a real understanding of this annoying and disturbing disease. My hands were covered with white scales, split skin and were very itchy. It then got to a state where I could not bear the look at it. But what to do as the medicines were not working? Like everyone, I thought I had tried everything, but without notable results.

Then one day, I decided to try to create a formulation of my own. After a while, I noticed that certain things helped and I decided to try and find something that would work, was easy to apply, was totally natural, which did not destroy my clothes and was user friendly.

I was mindful and concerned that I should not worsen the condition and chose only natural products that had been used from ancient times to the present that were known to clean, condition or heal skin problems. I did not want any artificial or man-made compounds, as I believed the totally natural approach was the best.

The formula worked for me and after a month the itching had gone and my hands had almost been cleared of the scales, not to mention the disappearance of the splitting skin. As time progressed the application became less and less until now I use it sparingly once a week or maybe not even that often.

Enthused by my success, I found friends and acquaintances to try my balm and creamier ointment. I received nothing but positive results and comments. From that point on I started more structured trials, which continued with feed-back, until I finalized and confirmed that the recipe can help ease the disagreeable symptoms of psoriasis and aid the skin to heal naturally.

And that was the beginning of Psorieze® . . . .