My name is Quita, originally from the UK now living in Limousin, France and I am a Beauty Therapist. Recently I came across a product called Psorieze (for aiding the symptoms of psoriasis) that is made from totally natural products. I have used this myself and given it to clients and acquaintances and the results have been very positive. The balm is very easy and economical to apply, it minimises the symptoms of itchy or cracking skin and leaves my clients with a much improved area of less damaged skin.
— Quita from Limousin, France
In this short time the flaky skin has almost vanished I should think another 10 days and the condition will be fully under control.
— Martin from Manchester, UK

I have suffered most of my adult life with Psoriasis. I have it on my legs, knees, elbows, hands and now in my eyebrows. The pictures below are of my left elbow which is the easiest area to photograph.

I have problems shaking hands with people who think I have leprosy or have been badly burnt, then of course as you know, I have to explain myself every time and I have become very self conscious about this.

I have tried almost every kind of cream or potion to allow me to function but to no avail. The doctors in the UK have never been able to adequately relieve my condition and blame it on stress. Moreover some of the prescription creams given to me over the years were at great expense and didn't really help much at all - they just made my skin go black and stained my clothes.

I met Dave and he gave me a balm sample to use - the sample helped a great deal with no black skin AND no ruined shirts.

The above photos of my elbow were taken at the start, then after two weeks and the final picture after a three week period and they show how quickly the product works. I use the small stick once or twice a day (depending on how my skin feels) for my hands and the larger container for the bigger areas on my elbows, knees and legs.


Psorieze is great stuff. I like the way that it goes on, smooth, thick but does rub in. My daughter's skin has been sensitive and it is very soothing and moisturizing. I also like the fact it is has only natural ingredients and that there are no fats or hydrogenated oils.

--->  Samantha from Oxfordshire, UK


I work in a health shop and would love to be able to stock this product. I've suffered with psoriosis for over 25 years and have tried numerous creams with little success, psorieze stops the itching which stops the scratching allowing my skin to heal. The small stick is so handy I keep it in my pocket.

 ---> Laura from Kent, UK