Psorieze® is a new topical skin balm


Psorieze® is a new topical skin balm and ointment that helps ease the symptoms of psoriasis. The formula was created, has been used and confirmed for the last two and a half years by a number of volunteer suffers of the illness. They have found it to be an indispensable help and a calming product particularly if applied when the initial signs of any problems are first observed. The product is meant to be for individual personal use and should not be shared with other people for fear of introducing possible contamination to an existing skin condition.

The formulation is new, simple and completely made of natural components. All the ingredients have been specifically selected to avoid non-organic chemicals and thus obviate the possibility of any adverse or allergic reactions. At the first sign of symptoms or an unpredictable flare-up, a thin application of Psorieze® should immediately be applied to affected area/s. The balm temporarily seals the epidermis from the air, keeping the damaged skin moist with natural oils, allowing the body to perform the normal healing process.

It is a long life product that has been tested and conforms to EC Regulation 1233/2009. It has also been found to be stable in the dispenser to 40 degrees centigrade. The composition consists of Olea europaea oil, Cera alba, Prunus dulcis oil, Ricinis communis seed oil, Lavandula augustifolia oil, Melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil and Tocopherol - the latter being the active ingredients. This composition, which is a balanced formulation, has a light aroma that does not disturb perfumes, does not mark clothing and does not smell obtrusively. It is a non-greasy product and has a soft feel on application.

Packaging currently comprises two different sizes; one small handy container (similar to a "lip-stick") for discreet immediate use of the product which can easily be kept in the purse or pocket and a larger tub container with a less viscous ointment for use on larger areas or at home.

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Many thanks to all those who have already commented on either the Psorieze® products or the packaging formats. As a result of this feed-back, the balm capsule is already looking to be resized to make it UK postage friendly - thus allowing digital purchases to increase the product volume without increasing the cost to the purchaser.